Technical Expert for Project Baseline Formulation

Country: Jamaica
Language: EN
Number: 8961614
Publication date: 07-04-2018
Source: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)


Technical Expert for Project Baseline Formulation
Procurement Process : RFP - Request for proposal
Office : Country Office - JAMAICA
Deadline : 13-Apr-18
Posted on : 06-Apr-18
Development Area : OTHER
Reference Number : 45370
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00102789 - RPD 2014-2017 Engagement Faciliy
Documents :
Terms of Reference
Procurement Notice
eTendering Instructions
Confirmation of Interest and Financial Proposal
General Terms and Conditions of Contract
Overview :


In 2017, the governments of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Jamaica with the support of UNDP formulated and where approved a project preparation grant for the preparation of a regional project to the Adaptation Fund with the objective of developing risk reduction manager centres as an adaptation solution to help the region in managing exposure to climate change and extreme climate-related events to which the nations of Jamaica, Dominica and Cuba are considered are classified as extremely vulnerable to.

The Caribbean possesses inherent geographical, economic and social characteristics which intensify vulnerability and limit ability to respond to catastrophic events. These include geographic isolation, small populations located in hazard prone areas, coastal positioning of critical and economic infrastructures. Climate change, will act to increase the frequency of the most intense storms in the Caribbean region and changes in the rainfall regime and sea level rise will become key risk drivers in the Caribbean, resulting in an increase in the occurrence of heavy rainfall events during short periods of time, providing a risk to both drought and flood, coupled with risks resulting from sea level rise.

Long term solutions lie in institutional set ups that enable proactive climate risk reduction planning and implementation at local, regional and national levels. This more specifically involves strengthening municipal capacities for risk management and reduction measures to climate and disaster risks through the enhancement and replication of the model of local Risk Reduction Management Centres (RRMCs), established in Cuba and piloted in Jamaica and Dominican Republic. RRMCs would function as a local clearing house mechanism embedded in municipal governments to receive, analyse and channel climate risk information from different sectors and ensure that decision-makers and planning process benefited from a comprehensive climate risk analysis. These local mechanisms further strengthen and enhance local and national capacities to generate and disseminate climate information and early warning system to communities in coordinated and harmonized way.

Furthermore, the application of territorial level development plans as the integrated tool to implement risk reduction and adaptation measures in vulnerable areas and sectors (such as water resources management, agriculture, flood protection, coastal management, fisheries and tourism) would enhance and sustain local level resilience. Establishing regional knowledge management products that promote systematic exchange of experiences amongst countries would also allow the leveraging of regional solutions and enhance capacity development.

The project to be developed with the Adaptation Fund looks to address these issues through a 3- year project that will upscale the function of local RRMC in Caribbean municipalities to facilitate the adoption of risk reduction, preparedness and adaptation measures, and deliver climate services to the most vulnerable, communities. The project will be comprised of 4 components, three of which would be tailored for each country including the development of upscale of RRMCs, enhancing capacities of national agencies to generate and disseminate climate information and early warning alerts, developing capacities in local governments to integrate risk reduction and adaptation into development planning and one additional component that will look to integrate knowledge management and South- South cooperation amongst Cuba, Jamaica and Dominican Republic through a knowledge sharing platform.

UNDP will mobilize a team of nation and international consultants (3 baseline national assessment experts, 1 project formulation specialist, 1 ESMF and gender expert) to support UNDP to prepare the full proposal in time for submission. Baseline experts, will be key actors in providing the national information from each of the three countries that will feed into and be integrated into the regional Adaptation Funding Proposal

General Objectives:-

The main objective of the consultancy is to lead and develop national baseline assessment information material that will be integrated into the Regional Adaptation Fund Proposal. The consultant is required to work closely with the other project development experts to fully meet requirements and investment criteria of the Adaptation Fund. S/he will work with UNDP Country Office, under an overall technical guidance of the UNDP-GEF technical advisor for Latin America and overall project supervision of the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor a.i.

Application Procedure:-

Proposal should be submitted through the online eTendering system (search for Event ID: J-04-2018) as per the deadline indicated in the system itself. Detailed user guide on how to register in the system and submit the proposal are attached to this notice and can also be accessed using the following link:-

Any request for clarification must be sent in writing, or by standard electronic communication to, please quote Event ID: J-04-2018. UNDP will provide responses by uploading them in the system.

In consideration of your qualifications, we are hereby inviting you to submit an offer for this particular assignment. To assist you in understanding the requirements of this assignment, we have attached hereto the following:

  • The Terms of Reference for the assignment described above;
  • The standard Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability, which you must accomplish and submit to UNDP; and
  • The Individual Contract and its General Terms and Conditions, which you would be expected to sign in the event you are the selected Offeror in this procurement process.

Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

  • Letter of presentation highlighting main qualifications and experience relevant to this TOR;
  • Signed P11 form;
  • Sample work relevant to the consultancy;
  • Technical Proposal; and
  • Completed financial proposal, using the attached confirmation of interest and financial proposal form.